“Too Much Evidence” – Criminal Charges Dismissed

News Report: Mr. Mark T. Pappas of Victor Stanley v. Creative Pipe “Fame” Denied Bail
August 18, 2012
News Report: Update on Mark T. Pappas of Victor Stanley v. Creative Pipe “Fame”
August 20, 2012

The ABA reports that federal prosecutors have dropped criminal charges against a doctor in a massive online pharmacy case because it has become too costly to pursue the case.  M. McDonough, “Too Much Evidence Cited as Reason for Dropping Drug Charges Against Fugitive Doctor,” (ABA Aug. 17, 2012).  The case involved two terabytes of information and took up roughly five percent of the Drug Enforcement Adminstration’s storage space.  Id.

The ABA article was based on an Associated Press story. R. Foley, “Drug charges dropped because of too much evidence,” (Associated Press Aug. 15, 2012).  Mr. Foley quoted United States Attorney Stephanie Rose: “Continued storage of these materials is difficult and expensive. . . .”  The doctor reportedly fled to Panama.  Id.

Two terabytes is enough to store the text of 2 million novels or roughly 625,000 copies of “War and Peace.’