Berman Prevails On Commercial Free Speech Issue

Sedona Conference and Victor Stanley II Court Cite Law Review Proportionality Article
September 11, 2010
Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Premium Finance Cos.
April 1, 2011

The Attorney General of Maryland issued a formal opinion agreeing with commercial free speech arguments presented by Berman and RLLS in a matter pending before the Maryland Lottery Commission.  “Referenda – First Amendment – Gaming – Slot Machines – Whether State Lottery Commission May Limit Licensee’s Participation in Referendum Related to Another Potential Licensee,”  95 Op.A.G. 177 (Oct. 5, 2010).

The Attorney General opined that a general power to license and regulate a business does not include authority to regulate political speech through licensing actions.  He wrote: “It has long been established that a corporation has a First Amendment right to fund a campaign supporting or opposing a referendum.”