March 2, 2024

Maryland’s Proposed Data Privacy Act – Part of a Trend?

The Maryland Online Data Privacy Act of 2024 is currently pending before the General Assembly as HB0567, cross-filed as SB0541. Senate President Bill Ferguson said: “Maryland is a middle-temperament state. We learn from others, we’re often not the first but we aren’t the last, and so we like to learn from what’s […]
July 12, 2023

Revocation of Consent to Search Mirror Image of Laptop

In State v. McDonnell, __ Md. __,  2023 WL 4393297, at *1 (July 7, 2023), the Supreme Court of Maryland held that a person who had consented to seizure of his laptop, as well as to creation of a mirror image, could withdraw consent to search it before the government examined the […]
April 12, 2023

“Juror’s Cellphone Not Subject to Search”

Cell phones have led to thorny legal issues.  For example, in Juror’s Cellphone Not Subject to Search ( 21, 2023), Steven B. Chaneles, wrote that, in response to a post-verdict challenge:  “A federal appeals court ruled that a trial judge has no authority to order a search of a juror’s cellphone….” The […]