Sedona Conference “Selected eDiscovery and ESI Case Law from 2021-22”

Sanctions Imposed for Fabricated and Unproduced Text Messages
April 20, 2022
Proposal to Lift Geographic Limits on Practice of Law – Implications for ESI
April 27, 2022

Philip J. Favro, Esq., has edited the just-published “Selected eDiscovery and ESI Case Law from 2021-22” (The Sedona Conference 2022).  This is an excellent resource in an always-changing field.

Phil’s work runs the gamut of topics, including cooperation, ephemeral messaging, ESI protocols, ethics, Fed.R.Evid. 502(d), privilege logging, redactions, litigation holds, social media, and much more.  For example, Phil cites a decision criticizing an oral litigation hold, a case where a Judge mistakenly included metadata in her decision, and a case involving categorical privilege logs.  In short, he hits virtually every important topic, the publication also contains helpful cross-references.

It was an honor to be listed as one of several people who contributed.  Phil’s excellent blog can be found at Philip Favro, Author at Innovative Driven (