Possible Additional Fallout From Alex Jones Cell Phone Disclosure

Phones of top Pentagon officials were wiped of Jan. 6 messages
August 5, 2022
Court Excused Party From Waiver by Failure to Provide Specific Objections
August 7, 2022

Bloomberg Law reports:

Two attorneys for Alex Jones could potentially face discipline for wrongfully releasing the medical information of plaintiffs in a case accusing the InfoWars host of defaming them, Connecticut court filings show.

On Thursday, the Superior Court for the Judicial District of Waterbury ordered two of Jones’ attorneys, Andino Reynal and Norman Pattis, to show cause as to whether or not they should be referred to disciplinary authorities for the “purported release of medical records of the plaintiffs” in violation of state and federal laws. The court did not expressly connect the medical records to the data dump.

Plaintiffs’ lawyer Mark Bankston confirmed to Bloomberg Law that the records were part of that turnover.

Pattis said he does not believe that discipline is warranted.

“Our office shared with other lawyers representing Jones discovery material. We believe we acted appropriately and did not violate a rule.” Pattis told Bloomberg Law in an email Friday.

When asked if the allegedly released plaintiff medical information was connected to the released text messages, Pattis added, “Still trying to figure out what happened.”

David McAfee, Alex Jones’ Lawyers May Be Disciplined for Medical Data Leak (1) (bloomberglaw.com) (Aug. 5, 2022).

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