Marc Hirschfeld’s Legal Week Presentation

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February 14, 2021
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February 16, 2021

Marc Hirschfeld’s presentation at Legal Week, “Navigating the Pitfalls of E-Discovery for Boutique Litigators,” is well worth watching on Vimeo and Legal Week.

Marc is the owner and president of Precision Legal Services.  Marc and I have collaborated on many projects.

Marc discusses a number of topics in the one-hour video.  Among them is a unique discussion of document requests that are “specific in content” versus those that are specific in meeting the requirements of designing a technical search.

The video provides a number of tools to achieve defensibility, and avoid sanctions, through data mapping, negotiation, and cooperation.  In doing so, it provides valuable tips on how to prepare for a Rule 26(f) conference of the parties.

As I mention in M. Berman, et al., eds., “Electronically Stored Information in Maryland Courts” (Md. State Bar Ass’n. 2020), 92 n. 3, Marc served on the committee to draft what became the ESI Guidelines of the District of Maryland.