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January 27, 2024
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February 1, 2024

It was an honor and pleasure to be interviewed by Rachi Messing and Tom O’Connor on the eDiscovery Channel.

The interview is posted on Mike Berman Chats with Rachi and Tom (youtube.com).

eDiscovery Channel – YouTube discusses a wide range of topics in the eDiscovery space.  The Channel explains that “Tom interviews a variety of legal luminaries and includes regular discussions with Rachi Messing. Twice monthly, Tom teams up with Rachi to interview eDiscovery subject matter experts. Tom then takes the off weeks to interview others in the space on his own.”

Interviews have included the Hon. Paul W. Grimm, the Hon. Xavier Rodriguez, the Hon. Andrew Peck,  the Hon. John Facciola, the Hon. Scott Schlegal, Craig Ball, Esq. of Ball in Your Court, Doug Austin, Esq., of eDiscovery Today, Maura Grossman, Esq., Ralph Losey, Esq., Cat Casey of Reveal, Bill Hamilton of UF Levin College of Law, the Gallivan brothers of Digital War Room, the late Browning Marean, and many other great resources too numerous to list.  In fact, 123 videos are posted.

It is well worth subscribing to @eDiscoveryChannel.  For example, while artificial intelligence is now a hot topic, 4 years ago, Tom posted A Discussion by Tom O’Connor regarding the importance of why attorneys should understand AI. (youtube.com).  And, as always,[1] Tom addresses The Small Case Solution (youtube.com)

As the YouTube Channel states: “Tom O’Connor has a knack for bringing out the best in people with his casual style of interviewing. His guests span the entire gamut of legal professionals ranging from software developers to marketing professionals in the eDiscovery space.”

I would like to express my thanks to Tom and Rachi for this wonderful opportunity.


[1] For a review of Tom’s book, see Book Review:  Any Ship Can Be a Minesweeper – – –  Once.  For a copy, see EDISCOVERY FOR THE REST OF US (gulfltc.org) or Nextpoint, Tom O’Connor Launch eDiscovery Book at Legalweek.