Additional Monetary Sanctions in Freeman v. Giuliani

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September 22, 2023
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September 27, 2023

I wrote briefly about the sanctions request in the Georgia poll workers case against Mr. Rudy Giuliani. Sanctions Sought in “Murky Mess”

In a recent update, Zoe Tillman reported in Giuliani Owes $236K and Counting Over Defamation Case Failures ( 22, 2023), that:

Rudy Giuliani owes more than $236,000 — and may be on the hook for more — for failing to turn over evidence and meet deadlines in a civil suit brought by two 2020 Georgia election workers he falsely accused of conspiring against Donald Trump.

The sum doesn’t include money damages that Giuliani may be ordered to pay the workers after US District Judge Beryl Howell found him liable for defaming them. A jury trial to decide what he’ll owe is set for Dec. 11 in Washington.

Ms. Tillman explained that $104,256 consisted of “legal fees to cover the election workers’ costs for successfully litigating over his failure to preserve and produce documents in the case. That’s on top of $132,856 that Giuliani and his business previously were ordered to pay the plaintiffs to cover the expense of an earlier fight over evidence.”

She reports that there may be an additional request for other financial sanctions.