What Was the First Online Game Played?

“[I]t is no longer amateur hour.”
February 12, 2021
Recovery of ESI Costs: “The fuss is about money…. [E]lectronic discovery is really expensive.”
February 13, 2021

In the 1840’s, the telegraph was used to play board games between towns.  See M. Berman, et al., eds., “Managing E-Discovery and ESI: From Pre-Litigation Through Trial” (ABA 2011), 753, citing Standage, “The Victorian Internet” (Walker & Co. 1998, 2007).  “Bored and lonely [telegraph] operators would also play checkers over the wires, using a numbering system to identify the squares of the board that dated back to the chess games played over the Washington-Baltimore line in the 1840s.” Id. at 132.