Forensic Analysis Trips Up Oklahoma Attorney

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December 27, 2020
Unsupervised Self-Collection Predictably Led to Problems
January 2, 2021

A post in Bloomberg Law, authored by Rebekah Mintzer, describes a “State Attorney Who Sent Threatening Emails to Herself [and Was] Suspended” (June 18, 2020).  The article states that the attorney obtained a fictitious email account and sent threatening emails to her official government email address.  She then allegedly reported them to law enforcement authorities.

However, the state bureau of investigation determined that she was the source of the emails. After an exhaustive investigation, authorities determined that the sending email account was registered to the attorney’s spouse.  The court wrote that: “On July 12, 2018, Ezell turned her phone over to OSBI, who performed a forensics examination of the phone. OSBI determined Ezell was responsible for creating the Proton Mail email account and sending the emails at issue. On July 13, 2018, OSBI met with Ezell to discuss the results of the forensics examination of her phone. Ezell continued to implicate other individuals who could be responsible for the emails and did not take responsibility for her actions. It was not until OSBI confronted Ezell with the information gathered from the forensics examination that Ezell admitted her wrongdoing. Ezell then confessed to OSBI that she was responsible for the threatening emails.”  Oklahoma v. Ezell, SCBD-6847 (Sup.Ct.Okla. June 16, 2020).

Reportedly, the attorney had been assigned to draft regulations implementing legalized marijuana.  She is alleged to have sent as many as ten threatening emails a day that, according to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, “appeared to be authored by proponents of the medical marijuana referendum.” Oklahoma v. Ezell, SCBD-6847 (Sup.Ct.Okla. June 16, 2020).  She was given police protection and implicated others.  She blamed extreme stress in her job and personal life.

The attorney was suspended for one year.